quote of the week

"The oppressed will have their day and heaven help the oppressor when that day comes..."

"In Albania, the men beat their wives and then make them serve them beer. The women seemed shocked to learn that American men did not treat their wives this way, at least not in most cases. I ended up staying there way overschedule because I knew that when I got home, that this would never have inspired my own wife. She would definitely have kicked my ass."

Peter G., Florida, Über-Aussteiger

Albanian women are being mistreated and humiliated at the hands of their own husbands and there is no one that will come to their defence. How long should we permit such behavior? Is it up to us to help them or does the history of social evolution have something else in store? More importantly, we should be shocked at the narrator's enjoyment.

"East Indians buy approximately a quarter of total Mercedes-Benz sales in the U.S. and I'm convinced that East Indians will become the next generation of conspicuous bourgeoisie in this country."

R.Goyal., Florida, Should give innkeeping lessons to Tori Spelling

For nearly 100 years, India was completely controlled by the British. The people were coerced into adopting British customs and forced to subconsciously depise the whole of the British Empire even in the face of the many opportunities that came with British citizenship. In spite of their subtle inferior and sometimes martyr-like behavior, and harboring the collective realization that race and ethnicity were no longer factors in the new global enterprise system, (maybe with the exception the conflicts in the Middle East), they've managed to learn how to squeeze the tits of their so-called benefactors. The population of India is now the second highest in the world at around a billion, nearly that of China. Not only are we dealing with vast numbers, but we are also dealing with a high intelligence completely ignored and/or overlooked by the rest of the civilized world and are now seeing an accelerated increase of Hindi people in many of the higher income sectors such as accounting and finance, business and real estate, science, technology, medicine, telecommunications, law and judiciary. I completely agree that the people of India will become our new caretakers.

"People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles."